A New Day

It turns out it’s been ten years since I used my bike regulary.  I didn’t notice it up until I jumped onto my bike.

On tuesday I said my goodbyes to my old colleagues, returned all the equipment I had on loan and returned the BMW at 59250 km with two fresh front tires.  I tracked my way back through the Brussels subway station to the train Central station in Brussel, and got onto one of many trains back to home, finishing off with a 4 km bike ride.  Which informed me that my body was not used to be under this quite mild stress a saddle and biking can give.

So, we’re having a go at this public transport thing.  Price-wise, I feel you do get more bang for your buck when driving – since I am also offered a parking space – but maybe I might end up making my time in the train useful, not to mention to benefit from this small bit of biking exercise twice a day.




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