IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe GPEN200N on Mac OSX

In 2008, I was still using laptops running Windows, and had a project which included having many meetings with alot of people.  I found the process of retyping my on paper written notes onto my OneNote application tedious and felt I could spent my time more productive.

Visiting Canada, I found a digital pen called the Mobile Digital Scribe from IOGear (GPEN200N) for 99$ which did not need special paper, but worked with a special pen and a sensor you could place on any surface, to register all notes I would write on paper.  With the simple included software, I could easily integrate my handwritten notes into OneNote.

Not long later,  however, I switched to a MacBook Pro running OSX and was unable to use the digital pen any longer, since there was no such support on Mac.  I could use the device connected to my MacBook as a mouse, but not really for taking notes.

Up until I did some research…

The pen IOGear solds is actually one of those things that are produced en masse in China.  After some searching, I found out that a company called Pegasus sells almost the same pen, but with a OSX driver included and available on their website.

To get it to work, you need to download the firmware package on the Pegasus website and apply it to your digital pen reader.  Install also the NoteTaker software, in which you can configure that every time you connect the reader to your Mac, it will upload the handwritten notes to your Mac in TIFF format.




4 thoughts on “IOGear Mobile Digital Scribe GPEN200N on Mac OSX

  1. I have tried this, and still can’t get it to work. When I connect the reader to my Mac, it doesn’t show up as an item or drive I can select, should it?

    Should the firmware be installed directly onto the IOGear reader? How do I do that when I the Mac doesn’t recognize it?

    At this point I am unable to even download the TIFF files into my computer.

  2. Hi Bree,
    I’ve just downloaded M210_Ver1_76.bin, but it seems not to do anything… I’n not abled to install it
    Where can i find the Firmware Installer/Updater Wizard??

    thanks in advance

  3. Hi, a little bit late, but by any chance do you happen to have the firmware? Pegatech was bought by another company and the link is broken now. I also migrated to mac 2 years ago and had this gadget forgotten till now. If I could use it, that would be great. Cheers.

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