Theoretical reception of the HAM-DMR.BE BrandMeister network

This is currently the theoretical reach of all DMR repeaters connected to the Belgian BrandMeister network:

HAM-DMR.BE BrandMeister bereik 20160209

The following assumptions were made in generating this map:

  • All information on frequency, antenna height, metres above sea level, transmission power and antenna gain were taken from the UBA unmanned stations list.
  • As a receiving device, I assumed the receiving antenna would be 1 metre above masl, and no antenna gain.

This simulation does not take in account possible reception of stations located outside of Belgium. However, some German, Dutch and French stations are available in Belgium.


HAM-DMR: code plugs, software and documentation

I’ve been active for a while now as an amateur radio ham operator on different HAM DMR networks.

Digital mobile radio (DMR) is an open digital mobile radio standard defined in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and used in commercial products around the world. With these commercial products, HAM radio enthousiasts have developed international networks to communicate and extend the functions of these networks.

These commercial products, portable and mobile radio’s, are programmed to function within these HAM networks.

Over time, I have gathered the necessary software to program these devices (CPS), some documentation and have created my own “codeplugs”, the individual programmation per device.

You can find these files, as is, without documentation, here.