HAM-DMR Codeplugs

Codeplugs are the software configuration of radio portables and mobiles. On this page, I maintain my own DMR codeplugs for the following Hytera devices:

  • Hytera PD-985
  • Hytera X1p
  • Hytera PD-685G
  • Hytera MD-785G
  • Hytera MD-655G
  • Hytera PD-365

These codeplugs are programmed with a Belgian amateur radio enthousiast focus, including all BrandMeister repeaters, a number of analog 70cm repeaters, B-EARS and normal DMR and analog frequencies, and a few repeaters in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France and around. The contacts list is filled with mainly Belgian talk groups and Belgian contacts.

These codeplugs are offered free of charge, without any warranties.