Connecting and using a VDO Dayton MT5011 TMC box

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2 thoughts on “Connecting and using a VDO Dayton MT5011 TMC box

  1. Hello, and thank you for this very helpfull site.

    I just bought a used car with the MS5000/MM5000 installed. Now I concider buying a TMC MT5011 for the system. But I am a little bit confused.

    You write, after you installed the TMC equipment, that a new option was available, described as “info” in the scale menu pop-up window.
    I cannot see that TMC-hardware is installed to my system, but I do have the Info option.
    Is it possible to imagine that “info”-option will remain, even if the TMC-hardware is uninstalled again.?

    Thanks in advance, and best regards

    Kenneth Westergaard, Denmark

  2. I have to correct myself. After checking, I noticed that the “info” option does not disappear when you disconnect the TMC box.

    What does change, however, is that within the Info menu some options are disabled, because the computer is lacking a connection to a TMC box. These options are thinks like the list of all TMC networks the box receives, or traffic information on your route or near your destination.

    Thanks for noticing!

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