Hello? Can you hear me? Or See me?

I went for it.  Years and years I lived without any personal phone.  Didn’t need it.  Nobody had them!   I started working at my first job, and they gave me a cellphone, a Nokia 6110.  Cool!  Monochrome screen, you could call someone and they would hear you, you could send text messages.  Awesome!  After about three years the phone seemed to die, so I gave it to my parents who still use it to this day.  I got a new one, a Nokia 6310i, because I liked the monochrome screen and the added functionality of being   able to play Pinball, instead of just Snake!  It had GPRS so that meant I could check the weather report anytime, for just a few bucks a kilobyte!  Two years later a new job offered me a new Sony k750i.  Oh my, a non-Nokia phone!  How would I cope!  I could even take pictures with it, or listen to the whole HHGTTG-radioplay on a very expensive 1GB Sony Memory Stick Duo!  And it had a color screen with an useable calendar and contacts list!

And then I knew it: I wanted it all!  I wanted… a smartphone!