Connecting and using a VDO Dayton MT5011 TMC box

I recently bought a VDO Dayton MT5011 TMC box.  In 2003, I bought my first VDO Dayton satellite navigation system, after seeing it used at one of my previous jobs, and driving up to Amstelveen, near Amsterdam, to get a secondhand one.  Now, in 2007, I bought my first TMC box, to receive traffic information on my VDO Dayton MS5000 mounted in my current company car. Continue reading “Connecting and using a VDO Dayton MT5011 TMC box”

I’m just putting this up as a personal reference, but what I always missed in my Audi was the ability to have a flip-down satnav screen.  The MM5000 was always mounted on top of the dashboard, and last year it even got stolen. Continue reading “”