Intravee Ipod-adapter in a BMW Z4 RoadsterIntravee Ipod-adapter in een BMW Z4 Roadster


The Intravee is an innovative piece of hardware that enables BMW’s of the previous generation to accept Ipods as sound source, and use the radio and steering controls to navigate through the Ipod’s structure.  This Intravee enables E39 5-series, E46 3-series, the first model of X3’s and the first model of Z4 roadster and coupe owners to enjoy their Ipod in their car.



Hello? Can you hear me? Or See me?

I went for it.  Years and years I lived without any personal phone.  Didn’t need it.  Nobody had them!   I started working at my first job, and they gave me a cellphone, a Nokia 6110.  Cool!  Monochrome screen, you could call someone and they would hear you, you could send text messages.  Awesome!  After about three years the phone seemed to die, so I gave it to my parents who still use it to this day.  I got a new one, a Nokia 6310i, because I liked the monochrome screen and the added functionality of being   able to play Pinball, instead of just Snake!  It had GPRS so that meant I could check the weather report anytime, for just a few bucks a kilobyte!  Two years later a new job offered me a new Sony k750i.  Oh my, a non-Nokia phone!  How would I cope!  I could even take pictures with it, or listen to the whole HHGTTG-radioplay on a very expensive 1GB Sony Memory Stick Duo!  And it had a color screen with an useable calendar and contacts list!

And then I knew it: I wanted it all!  I wanted… a smartphone!