Feeding the ducks

I’ve been experimenting and practicing with my new video setup, and this and the next few ones are results of few of these experiments.

My current set is a Canon 5D Mark II with my set of L lenses. I added a Zacuto Z-Finder 3x to help focusing using the Live View function of the camera, and made a third point of contact for steady shooting with the Zacuto Target Shooter. Audio is being recorded onto the 5D with a Rode VideoMic.

I’m a bit late in the game, since the 5D Mark II is already almost 2 years old. But up until now, it is one of few full frame still camera’s that can shoot full HD. It is an investment, and if you then add the price of the basic Zacuto gear, it gets even crazier. Even since the Target Shooter is the most basic version of stabilizing a hand-held DSLR, however, it does help a lot in stabilizing the image.

Editing and color grading is done in Final Cut Pro X. The song is 1106 Etoile by Downliners Sekt.