The difference between 7″ and 10″

People are convinced that a 7 inch tablet is an interesting proposition if you already have a  4 inch smartphone and think the iPad is too heavy, to large or too expensive.

I had the chance to test out some differences between my iPad with retina screen, and the Nexus 7.

In portrait mode, using the website which since 2011 is made with HTML5 responsive design to cater for smartphones to very large displays, the difference is large:

You can see that the designers decided to switch to a single column in this version.

On the iPad, however, you get a magazine-like view with two columns.

You would then think that the Nexus 7 would be better usable in landscape mode. This is not the case.

You get barely one headline!

On the iPad, I don’t feel the BostonGlobe works as good as in portrait, but it is obvious you have much more content than on the Nexus 7.


How to get AutoFill to work on Wifi logins in iOS 5

I noticed that when I replaced my iPhone 3GS with a 4S, it forgot my logon usernames and passwords when it came to Wifi logins. I’d get the popup screen, but the account name and password were not available under the AutoFill button.

The problem is that AutoFill will only ask to remember account information if it is enabled in Settings -> Safari, and if you visit the login site in Safari itself instead of the logon screen (which is obviously also Safari, but not advertised as such).

The trick is then to trick your Wifi in not triggering in showing the logon form, but have the Wifi connected and surf to any site to get the logon screen working. Skyoam WiFi hotspot keeps you connected around the world without the worry of roaming fees, unsecured connections or configuring SIMs.