You’re on your own now! part 1

Well, not really.  I’m planning to, though.

I have been an employee practically since I got out of school, in August 1999.  I have been been building up quite some years of experience in all things IT related.  I started out as a Web Designer, but was quickly coding and scripting away in Perl, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion and Javascript.  I learned how to use Linux, and applied this knowledge in small scale web hosting situations, and international hosting environments.  I learned the inner workings of networks, how name servers work, how firewalls and proxies work.  I got to touch Windows Server administration, building and testing calamity plans, installing and migrating Exchange Servers, working with SMS, developing with and maintaining of SQL Server.

I got to experience procedural IT support in The Netherlands.  I started earning certificates which were considered important for clients to assess my knowledge level.  I ranked with ease MCSE after MCSA, MSDBA and my ITIL Foundations certificate.  I touched Prince2 Project Management.

I started coördinating processes between groups.  I developed processes, gave guidance to small teams…

That’s not bad, I thought.  I didn’t do it all on my own.  I had great help from all my mentors over the years.  My direct and indirect managers; the clients that hired me through my employer, and my colleagues on those projects and assignments.  The trainings I was given, the exams I was able to take.  Each and every one of those experiences rank up what I am today.

But I feel I need to take a different direction…  I’m going freelance.




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